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Our Services

In order to better assist you in your search, Compass Search Inc. provides the following expert services:

Career Advocacy
Our representatives are committed to confidentiality and take a personalized approach when representing you. Prior to a job, your representative will advise you on résumé development and interview fundamentals. We strongly recommend meeting at our office so that we can have the opportunity to learn more about your skills, motivations and direction.

Market Coverage
Matching your background and interests with a select few opportunities out of hundreds will save you time. Our account managers insist on detailed job descriptions from our clients, and maintain a strong fluency in state-of-the-art client server and web-based technologies. Upon your request, a Compass Search representative will act on your behalf to proactively market your skills to targeted technology groups in your area. As a matter of strict company policy, we obtain your consent prior to submitting your résumé to a client.

Market Knowledge and Company Insight
We keep you abreast of hiring trends, hot companies and income expectations. From our direct experience with clients, and through candid feedback gathered from consultants, we offer you valuable insight into a company’s history, environment and expectations. We meet with each of our clients to gain first-hand knowledge of their industry, products, technologies, current and future projects, personalities and culture. Throughout the interview process, we communicate specific client feedback to you allowing you to make an informed career decision.

Follow-up and Problem Resolution
Throughout your project, a representative will periodically check in with you to see how your work is progressing, and assist you with any work related matters that may arise. Should you have questions regarding your paycheck, timesheet, etc., our human resources group is prepared to act quickly on your behalf.